Hardwood floors in bad shape? We can help!

Wednesday, Sep. 11th 2013

Hardwood floors- Bock's Steam StarAre your hardwood floors dull, scratched and dirty? Have you tried to rescue them with products in the cleaning aisle that promise great results but never deliver? Are you beginning to wonder if it’s time to have them refinished or tear them out completely? We may have a solution for you.


The Bock’s Steam Star Floor Prep & Cleaning Machine and our commercial grade cleaners successfully eliminate dirt, dust, oil and other contaminants that weaken hardwood floors leading to costly repairs. Our intensive cleaning process doesn’t just clean the surface like most systems and products; it extracts hidden dirt deep within the boards of hardwood floors. Our process improves indoor air quality, circulation, and it rejuvenates your hardwood floors.


Our five step process has no dust or toxic fumes so it’s safe for your family and pets. First, we thoroughly vacuum removing large pieces of dirt and debris preparing your floor for aggressive cleaning power of Bock’s Floor Prep & Cleaning Machine.


Next, the machine’s cylindrical action successfully agitates and loosens embedded dirt and residue trapped deep within the floors that simple mopping or daily maintenance can’t remove. We then extract the solution quickly leaving the floor dry and clean. Our highly trained technicians, detail all the edges and corners of the floor by hand using a microfiber cloth to prepare for the second scrub.


Squeaky Commercial Floor Cleaner (great for both wood and laminates) is used in the Bock’s Steam Star Floor Prep & Cleaning Machine to neutralize the floor. This picks up all the remaining residue and prepares the floor for our water-based floor finish. It’s healthy for the environment, low VOC and revitalizes hardwood floors easily.


The result? Cleaner hardwood floors. Not only do they look great, they are healthier for you and your family as we’ve improved the air quality in your home. And, keep in mind, this is the perfect time to let us take your area rugs with us to be cleaned at our plant since they can’t go back on your floors for a couple of days. Sounds good, right?


photo credit: pirate johnny via photopin cc

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