Are your carpets dirtier after cleaning?

Friday, Aug. 29th 2014

dirty carpet

I had my carpets cleaned and they seemed to get dirty faster? Has this ever been your experience? Is it true?


Sadly it can be true with uneducated, untrained and unprofessional carpet cleaners. The products, the methods and the technicians all play a part. However at Bock’s Steam Star it’s not true and here’s why….


We can confidently guarantee this won’t happen at Bock’s Steam Star, Kansas City’s premier specialist in restorative cleaning since 1994. As part of our mission to only bring the best in restorative cleaning to our clients it’s important to stay at the cutting edge of the textile cleaning industry. Over the past several years, advances in the soap-free rinse technology has made Bock’s Steam Star’s award winning service even better! Our demineralized, softened, carbonated, and soap free rinse leaves the carpet clean and soft. With NO CHANCE OF “GETTING DIRTIERT FASTER”. Actually we have been cleaning with these products for several years now and they have passed the test of time. The marketing is just now catching up in the cleaning industry so rest assured Bock’s Steam Star is once again way ahead of the curve on this technology.


Want more detail on how Bock’s Steam Star keeps carpets, rugs and upholstery cleaner longer? Here you go. 


Bock’s Steam Star’s Amazing Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner represents the next generation in extraction cleaning and rinsing solutions. Bock’s Rinse provides soap and detergent free, suds-less cleaning. Its non-toxic formula contains no volatile organic compounds and is odor free at use dilution, and is formulated to be free-rising from the carpet. It will leave no sticky soap or detergent residues that can contribute to rapid re-soiling of the carpet and spotting wick back. Bock’s Steam Star’s rinsing also uses the activating power of carbonation to assist in soil suspension and removal without the use of harsh solvents, bacterial enzymes, and potentially harmful bleaches.


Our soap-free rinse will provide you with excellent cleaning results, even on the dirty and grimy carpets, yet it is still formulated to meet or exceed cleaning requirements for warranted stain resistant carpets and nylon, olefin, polyester, and Triexta carpeting.


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