Our Carpet Cleaning Pricing Policy
Will carpet cleaning make my carpets fluffier?


What to do when your pet goes pee pee?
Plastic over your carpets when remodeling?


What can you do with carpet indentations?
A Saga of Road Salt, Carpets and Floors!


Got grout?
How often should I clean my hardwood floors?


Cleaning for Cans Kickoff – Harvesters
Why Bock’s Steam Star is the carpet and floor cleaning company for you!


Should I clean my carpet or replace it?
What to do before the crew arrives?


What product should you put on your wood floors?
Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Recoating


Smelly commercial floors?
We take care of your home!


How we protect your furniture!
Carpet Cleaning Chemistry


Do not use the ATOMIC BOMB for cleaning… use this instead!
Does your pet have a favorite spot?


Why you should be an employee of Bock’s Steam Star – Brian Ending
The Mop is the Enemy


How Bad is Your Pet Odor?
Carpet patching by Bock’s Steam Star


Which Vacuum Cleaner Should I Buy?
Not “Wicked” but Wicking? Do you know what that is?


Carpet Cleaning is Rocket Science?
Bock’s Steam Star Super “Bowl” Challenge


Bock’s Steam Star Super “Bowl” Challenge part 2
Should My rugs be cleaned at my house or taken out?


What are those black lines on the carpet around the baseboards and under doors?
Bock”s Steam Star – Upholstery Cleaning


Two Spot Removers Every Home and Businesses Should Own
Bock’s Steam Star pet odor inspection


Hardwood Floor deep cleaning results
Bock’s Steam Star Commercial Services with founder Brian Bock


Commercial carpet cleaning in restaurant with Rotary jet extractor
Do my clean carpets get dirtier faster? Am I being taken advantage of?


Bock’s Steam Star Tile & Grout Cleaning System
Catch a Wave! Discover why carpet buckles and ripples?


Does Fabric & Upholstery Protector Work?
Does Carpet Protector Really Work?


What Carpet Cleaners Dont Want You to Know Introduction
Discover how we get the odor out of rugs


How To Avoid A Carpet Cleaning Scam!
Bocks Steam Star carpet stretch


Bock’s spot removal


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