Can You Really Clean Your Own Commercial Tile?

Friday, May. 14th 2021

Scary or Inviting

Are your tile floors looking scary?

You might wonder how Bock’s Steam Star can get such good results when it comes to tile and grout cleaning. Think about the tile cleaning system like a self-contained power washing indoors with vacuum recovery without the splash. Water pressure cleans the micro pockets of the grout and stone better than brushes. Our system is hitting the floor with continuous clean water. (Unlike a mop that is just moving bacteria-laden soil from one grout channel to another) Our vacuum recovery then lifts the soils away, leaving a clean and healthy floor. It’s the perfect blend of water pressure, heat, chemistry and vacuum recovery all in one synergistic movement.

The steam temperature we use is so hot that there is no way to duplicate that by a janitorial company or homeowner without having this equipment. Heat is such a huge factor in deep, healthy cleaning to cut through oils and soils that are impacted into grout lines.

To prolong the cleanliness if the grout, consider having a grout sealer applied after cleaning. It is clear and fills up the pores of the grout, keeping oils and soils at the surface where maintenance cleaners can do their job. I’d like to stress that maintenance cleaners should only be PH 7 neutral cleaners that contain no waxes or acrylics. Anything outside PH neutral, will affect any sealer. We carry a super concentrated produce called Viper 7 that will be much more economical for day to day use. It can be put through sprayers or mixed in a mop bucket and requires no rinsing since it is a true PH 7 product. It won’t leave any residue and will make the sealer last much longer.

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