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#1 Carpet Cleaning in Lee’s Summit: Ways to Deal with Stains, Area Rugs and Beyond 101

Monday, Jan. 1st 2024

Carpet Cleaning in Lee’s Summit: Ways to Deal with Stains, Area Rugs, and Beyond 101

Area rugs provide a room with a cozier atmosphere, define distinct areas, and improve the room’s aesthetic appeal. Whether they are made of synthetic fibers or materials like wool, area rugs eventually require cleaning. It is more difficult to clean an area rug on different kinds of flooring than it is to just clean it where it is now, such as hardwood, wall-to-wall carpet, or tile. Check out this detailed guide from our experts on carpet cleaning in Lee’s Summit to learn how to clean area rugs like a pro.

Carpet Cleaning in Lee's Summit

First Step: Vacuuming

Weekly vacuuming of the carpets and rugs is a great way to avoid stains in the first place. When vacuuming rugs, use suction only; do not use rotating brushes. This is a very effective way to remove dirt particles from rugs before they get embedded in them.

To remove any debris, give the rug a thorough vacuum on both sides. The best cleaning tool for this job is a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar.

Carpet Cleaning in Lee's Summit

Step 2: Getting Rid of Odors with Pet Odor Removal in Lee’s Summit and Beyond

Use these methods to freshen your area rug and get rid of odors according to experts on carpet cleaning in Lee’s Summit:

  • Scatter baking soda liberally over the rug’s whole surface. Any embedded dirt is loosened by the baking soda’s mildly abrasive properties.
  • Using a sponge mop, carefully work the baking soda into the rug’s long or plush fibers all the way to the backing.
  • To give the baking soda time to absorb smells, let it remain on the rug for a few hours.
  • Lastly, give the rug a thorough vacuum to get rid of the baking soda and any residual smells. Your rug will smell clean and new after this process.
  • Call in an expert on pet odor removal in Lee’s Summit if you are still struggling to remove stains.

Carpet Cleaning in Lee's Summit

Step 3: Tidying Up

Use carpet shampoo or a mixture of detergent and water to clean the rug. Use a soft-bristled brush or a sponge mop to apply the shampoo. Wet the carpet completely, but don’t use too much liquid as this could result in oversaturation. For severely discolored areas, brush the hard-to-come-from dirt away with a brush. After finishing, rinse the fibers with fresh water using the mop to get rid of any soap residue.

With spot cleaning and this solution, most stains can be removed, particularly dirt and food stains or just hire an expert on carpet cleaning in Lee’s Summit. Nevertheless, if the stain is still noticeable, it can be successfully removed with warm water and oxygen bleach. As instructed on the product label, apply the solution to the stained area. Give it an hour to work on lightening the stain.

Carpet Cleaning in Lee's Summit

Step 4: Drying

It’s time to squeeze out as much extra water from the rug as you can now. This can be accomplished by squeezing the rug in the direction of its nap with a squeegee or by using a wet-dry vacuum. After removing any remaining water, place the rug flat and let the top dry completely by air. Next, turn it over so that the underside can finish drying.

To improve airflow and hasten drying, open windows and turn on ceiling fans. Your rug will dry faster if you do this. When the surface seems dry, turn the rug over and allow the backing to dry as well. The drying period may take up to 48 hours, depending on the size of the area rug. Before putting the rug back on the floor, make sure it is completely dry. If you still have odors call in pet odor removal in Lee’s Summit.Carpet Cleaning in Lee's Summit

Are your area rugs ready for a makeover? Consult a professional carpet cleaning service for assistance. Hire professionals in the field to clean your carpets. Carpet cleaning in Lee’s Summit is a trustworthy carpet cleaning business. All varieties of carpet and upholstery cleaning in Lee’s Summit are our areas of expertise. Thus, let our experts handle the work while you save time and effort.

One thing is certain in life, aside from death and taxes: messiness. And regrettably, stains do occur. It is inevitable that stained carpets will occur; the question is not if, but when.

You want your house to look its best because you take pride in it. (If not, you wouldn’t be perusing this piece!)


Carpet Cleaning in Lee's Summit

You can get rid of the most common stains with the help of these five tips:

Carpet Cleaning in Lee's Summit

  1. Carpet Stain Elimination

When a stain appears, deal with it right away. Here, procrastination is your enemy because putting off cleaning up a rug or carpet stain will only make the job harder for you in the long run. If a stain is allowed to become entrenched and dry, it will be much more difficult—possibly even unachievable—to remove without the assistance of professional carpet cleaning in Lee’s Summit.

Assemble a small stain removal kit with a dustpan, clean, lint-free white cloths, and stain removal solution so you can easily have it on hand for any unexpected situations. You’ll be able to remove that stubborn stain more quickly and with greater ease if you have all the necessary tools in one convenient location!

Carpet Cleaning in Lee's Summit

  1. No wiping only blotting

Upon discovering a mess on your carpet, your initial thought might be to pick up some towels and clean it up. Despite the fact that this seems like a sensible first step, you might wind up locking the stain in and forcing it further into your carpets. You definitely don’t want to do that!

Rather, you should begin your cleanup by picking up any loose debris from the floor and discarding it in the trash. Once more, be careful to lift upward and away from your rugs and carpets rather than pressing down on them. To gather and remove items from the rug, use scooping motions. Your spoon or dustpan, depending on the stain, to scoop underneath and make sure you’re not pushing the stain deeper into the fibers of your carpet, where it will be more difficult to remove.

Use clean, white, lint-free cloths to blot away any liquids or material that you were unable to lift away and off the carpet after removing any loose material such as:

  • Crumbs
  • Particles
  • Dirt
  • Other debris

Using the cloth, press straight down, and then raise and remove the object. You should use a clean cloth once the stain material—such as red wine spilled—has saturated the cloth. You will only be spreading the stain across a larger area of the rug or carpet if you push down and wipe. This method of blotting and lifting will remove more of the stain before applying any cleaners.

Sometimes the stain can be entirely removed with simple blotting.

Carpet Cleaning in Lee's Summit

  1. Test cleaning products on an area no one sees

To make sure the solution used for carpet cleaning in Lee’s Summit doesn’t harm the carpet, test the product on a small, somewhat concealed area first, such as behind some furniture or curtains. You have limited time to remove stains, as previously mentioned, so make the best decision if it is more important to treat the stain right away.

After purchase is the best time to test for any damage caused by cleaning products. In this manner, you can return the product in the event that it adversely affects a small test area and avoid feeling compelled to handle an emergency.

Carpet Cleaning in Lee's Summit

  1. Use a cleaner to saturate your carpet

After cleaning an area with liquid or larger particles, carefully adhere to the cleaning product’s instructions. A lot of products will tell you to soak the stained area for a while before doing anything else or ask carpet cleaning in Lee’s Summit to come and help.

Avoid the common mistakes of using too little product or not allowing the cleaner enough time to work on your carpet or rug. Make sure you’ve reached beyond the stain’s edges by using your cleaner to get a good amount of coverage, especially in situations where the stain material may have spread from the original area. You don’t want to let any bothersome stains get away with you! Enter there and confirm that you have everything!

Use the same procedure as above if the cleaning product instructions specify to blot up the cleaner; blot carefully and lift the product up and away from the carpet. Remember that if excess cleaning solution is left on your carpets and rugs, some cleaning products can leave stains.

Carpet Cleaning in Lee's Summit

  1. You may need to repeat this process

Try again if you don’t succeed the first time! You might need to repeat the treatment several times to completely remove stains or have an expert on pet odor removal in Lee’s Summit come in and work the stains and odors that are extremely stubborn. If one treatment doesn’t seem to be helping, don’t give up; just keep going through all the above steps until you’re happy with the outcome.

It is important to remember that not all stains can be entirely removed by consumer cleaning products. You should call professionals when you feel like you can no longer handle stains on your carpet. The greatest carpet cleaning in Lee’s Summit is Bock’s Steam Star. You only need to give our polite, professional staff a call to set up your professional  carpet cleaning in Lee’s Summit. Allow us to handle the unpleasant task of cleaning your carpets so that your house will appear immaculate.

Carpet Cleaning in Lee's Summit

Carpet Cleaning in Lee’s Summit

In Lee’s Summit, Bock’s Steam Star is the top company for expert carpet cleaning services. Using cutting edge steam cleaning technology, our skilled team thoroughly cleans your carpets to eliminate allergens, stains, and smells. We take great satisfaction in prolonging the life of your carpets and producing excellent results. Preferred cleaning, value cleaning, and maintenance cleaning are among our various cleaning options.

Additionally for homeowners, pet odors can be an enduring and unpleasant issue. Even though we all adore our pets, there are some smells and stains that our dogs, cats, or other animals bring with them that we could do without. We provide efficient pet odor removal in Lee’s Summit at Bock’s Steam Star, which will get rid of persistent odors and leave your house smelling clean and fresh.

To ensure a long-lasting solution, our staff targets and eliminates the source of pet odors using specialist cleaning products and methods. To schedule your free pet odor inspection in Lee’s Summit or the entire Kansas City metro area, contact us right now. Bock’s Steam Star can promptly demonstrate the benefits of working with a reputable floor cleaning business in Lee’s Summit to get rid of bothersome pet odors.

Carpet Cleaning in Lee's Summit


As a proud, locally owned and operated company, Bock’s Steam Star has been deeply rooted in the Kansas City metro area since its inception in 1994. Over the years, the company has expanded into a multi-service operation, providing a wide range of cleaning services from hardwood floor cleaning in Lee’s Summit to upholstery cleaning in Lee’s Summit.

Despite this growth, Bock’s Steam Star has maintained the personal touch that has made it so beloved by its clients. This is due in large part to our company’s unwavering commitment to prioritize clients’ health. Contact us at 913.438.7767 or fill out an online form to discover how you can get pet odor removal in Lee’s Summit and all your other deep cleaning needs.

Carpet Cleaning in Lee's Summit


Bock’s Steam Star’s mission statement emphasizes the importance of delivering high-quality services while also giving back to the community. This dedication to social responsibility is exemplified by our adoption of Water For Good International, a charity that aims to provide clean water, improved sanitation, and hygiene education to communities in need.

By supporting this noble cause, Bock’s Steam Star not only demonstrates our commitment to improving the lives of their clients but also the lives of those less fortunate around the world. In conclusion, Bock’s Steam Star is a company that goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction and make a positive impact on the community, making us an ideal choice for your carpet cleaning in Lee’s Summit.


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