Is it a great deal?

Tuesday, Jul. 15th 2014

You’ve taken advantage of a great carpet cleaning deal you saw online. Saved a bundle of money. Was it worth it? Not if the cheap cleaning leaves a residue that attracts the soils and oils at a faster rate than had you done nothing.

Carpet cleaners that use a cheap method often suggest that you clean your carpet a couple times a year? Why? Their process attracts dirt into your carpet faster than ours. So, your cheap cleaning often winds up costing you more in the long run. 

A yearly cleaning is suggested by the carpet manufacturer using hot water extraction by an IICRC Certified firm and mandated every 18-24 months to maintain the warranty on the carpet in most homes.  When you’re getting your carpet cleaned, it’s always a good idea to ask if there’s a rinse cycle. If the answer is no, there will be residue left after they’ve cleaned the carpet.  This sticky goo harms the fiber in the long run by attracting the abrasive soils and olis that cut into the carpet fiber causing micro scratches. In laymen’s terms it “uglies out” sooner than it should. This explains why you can clean and clean and clean the carpet and it still looks dirty. You can give it the ole’ white glove test and no soil is there but it’s still dirty. It’s the absence of light refracting off the carpet because of the micro scratches and in the absence of color the human eye will see grey. Hence the term in the industry “Traffic lane grey”.  Soil and oil is the enemy to carpets so absolutely NO you don’t save money if the carpet cleaning system leaves goo that attract all this stuff.

I wish I could repair micro scratches with cleaning I’d be sitting on a beach somewhere but it’s not possible. The only correction at that point is replacement. After 20 years of professional cleaning I have yet to see carpet worn all the way to the backing. It “uglies out”! So our approach is simple, pay a little more but clean once a year not every 6 months. 

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