Do you suffer from allergies?

Wednesday, Oct. 2nd 2013

Allergies- Bock's Steam StarAre you sniffling and sneezing like the rest of Kansas City? Fall allergies are terrible this year. And, guess what? Dirty carpet can add to the problem.


If you suffer from allergies or asthma, we not only recommend that you have your carpet cleaned twice a year, it needs to be treated with anti-allergy products. Our allergy relief system is specifically tailored to your needs with chemicals that are safe. We understand how important it is to be able to comfortably breathe in your own home.


On top of our comprehensive carpet cleaning process, we wipe down all the baseboards and window seals with our Allergy Relief Treatment. We also add an Anti-Allergen Rinse to extract the water from the carpet. And, we follow up the cleaning with an Anti-Allergy treatment that can help control pollen, dust mites and other culprits between cleanings.


Are you waking up with a headache and runny nose? Then the problem may be your mattress. We have an allergy relief mattress cleaning system as well. And, if we clean and treat the carpet and mattress in the bedroom of an allergy sufferer, we guarantee that there will be a noticeable improvement in symptoms within three days or we will refund the charges for the application of the Anti-Allergen post spray treatment


Some other handy tips for allergy sufferers:

  • Clean or replace HVAC filters every month and treat with Anti-Allergen Filter Enhancer from Bock’s Steam Star.
  • Encase pillows, control humidity, and vacuum regularly with a HEPA filter carpet vacuum.
  • Launder your bedding regularly and add 1 cup of Allergy Relief Treatment to final rinse water.


So, if you find yourself miserable as the leaves start to fall, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll give you a free estimate to get your home allergy-free. And, we have the products, to help you maintain it as well.

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