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Tile & Grout Cleaning Kansas City

Dirty Tile?  Impossible Dirty Grout?

Let us POWER the dirt away with the SX-12 Tile and Grout Cleaner. Don’t spend hours on your knees
scrubbing to clean your tile and grout. Let us clean it for you quickly and easily using our specialized equipment.

Great system for:

  • Tile & Grout
  • Commercial Floors
  • Natural Stone
  • Grout & Stone Sealing available

The need to have your tile floor sealed in order to keep spills from seeping into the cracks is a must. Notice how the spill resists penetration which prevents staining and makes the clean up a breeze.

Also GREAT on garage and basement floors!


Why use the Bock’s Steam Star Tile Cleaning System?

  • It’s like a self contained power washing indoors with vacuum recovery but without the splash. Water pressure cleans the micro pockets of the grout better than brushes.
  • What you loosen up out of the grout has to be extracted at some point or the soil and soap residue settles in the grout channel attracting more soil.
  • Our system is hitting the floor with continuous clean water (unlike a mop that is just moving bacteria laden soil from one grout channel to the other0 our vacuum recovery then lifts the soils away leaving a clean healthy floor.
  • It is the perfect blend of water pressure, heat, chemistry, and vacuum recovery all in one synergistic movement.


Restorative Tile Cleaning

  • Inspect tiles for loose or cracked tiles, while visually inspecting surface for topical coatings.
  • Test tiles to determine if surface is synthetic or natural.
  • Vacuum or sweep to prepare tiles ans edges for cleaning.
  • Prepare work area by protecting any baseboards or adjacent areas, to protect splashing and over spray onto other sensitive areas not being cleaned.
  • Pre-condition to suspend oils and soils for later extraction.
  • Agitate with grout brush or floor machine to help loosen oils and soils.
  • Rinse and extract with truck mounted or high pressure portable to remove soils and cleaning solutions (not just move it around with a mop).
  • Use detail tools on impacted grout lines and edges.
  • Speed dry with high velocity air movers.


Maintenance Tile Cleaning

  • Performed every 6-12 months.
  • Pre-condition with neutral cleaner to suspend oils and soils.
  • Agitate with grout brush as needed to help loosen oils and soils.
  • Rinse and extract with truck mounted or high pressure portable to remove soils.
  • Speed dry with high velocity air movers.

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