Valentine’s Day: Love Your Carpet, Rugs, and Floors

Monday, Feb. 1st 2016

Valentine’s Day is coming, and we want to help you love your carpet, rugs, and floors!

The key to loving your floors is keeping them beautiful!

And the key to keeping beautiful floors is finding the right company to maintain them.

How to Pick a Cleaner You’ll Love

You’ve probably seen the cheap coupons. Some carpet cleaners will come out to your home for as little as $5.99 per room. But what kind of cleaning will this get you?
TV specials have been done on both 20/20 and NBC Dateline that expose bait and switch carpet cleaners. The conclusion these shows come to is that carpet cleaning simply can’t be done for such low prices. So why do some companies advertise cleaning for so cheap?

It’s really so they can get their foot in the door. Once they come out to your home they fully intend on switching the price to something greater or forcing you to buy some of the extras. And if you don’t buy into their forced up sell, you’ll get a lousy cleaning.

Think about it. How could any company make money by sending an employee out to your home to do work for an hour and then include the cost of cleaning chemicals and machine usage. Professional carpet cleaning vans all set up cost in the range of $50-$75 thousand dollars. There is no way a company can deliver all that to you for $5.99 a room or anywhere close.

So, what should a quality company do for you?

First, they should be able to either give an accurate estimate on the phone.  When they come to your home, if they try to pull a bait and switch before the cleaning, ask them to leave.

Professional carpet cleaning should include pre-vacuuming before the cleaning, followed by pre-spotting, and then either truck mounted steam cleaning or portable hot water extraction. All of this should be included in the cleaning price and is standard for the cleaning industry. If any spots should return within a reasonable amount of time after the cleaning, the company should return at no charge to take care of these spots for you.

The one exclusion may be urine stains or other extreme soil conditions that were noted before the cleaning. Do your homework. Make sure you don’t hire an unethical carpet cleaning company.

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