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High Performance Commercial Cleaning and more in Kansas City

Brian Bock, an Industry Veteran & IICRC Master Textile Cleaner since 1994, gives a brief overview of their commercial carpet cleaning and other services offered at Bock’s Steam Star.



How Often Should Your Office Carpets & Furniture be Deep Cleaned?

According to the American Association of Dermatologists, the average human sheds roughly 300,000 skin cells a day and about 300 hairs. This organic debris often finds its way onto furniture and carpets, especially in commercial settings where these surfaces endure higher usage levels than residential spaces. With each person’s movement, particles become airborne, potentially impacting indoor air quality. Sensitivity to such allergens could lead to decreased productivity or increased absenteeism among employees, ultimately affecting business costs. It is recommended to have professional cleaning services performed at least annually to ensure maximum soil removal. The investment in regular cleaning can contribute to a healthier work environment, potentially enhancing the longevity of office equipment and improving overall productivity. If you require thorough cleaning services for your office in Kansas City, feel free to contact Bock’s Steam Star today for expert assistance!

Restorative Deep Cleaning with Steam Jet Extractor…..You Won’t Believe What we can do with These! Watch Our Award Winning System in Action at this Greasy Restaurant.

Bock’s Steam Star is your premier destination for top-notch commercial floor care services in the Leawood and the greater Kansas City area. Our expertise extends to industrial carpet cleaning, ensuring that businesses have access to thorough and reliable cleaning solutions for their carpets. From commercial floor cleaning in Overland Park to office floor care in Kansas City, our team is equipped with the knowledge and resources to handle a wide range of commercial floor care needs with precision and efficiency.

When it comes to maintaining a professional and welcoming work environment, the cleanliness of your floors plays a crucial role. Bock’s Steam Star specializes in commercial carpet care in Kansas City, offering comprehensive services tailored to meet the unique needs of corporate spaces. Whether you require office carpet cleaning, marble floor cleaning, or restroom floor cleaning in Kansas City, our team delivers exceptional results that exceed expectations. Trust us for office floor polishing in KC, and a variety of commercial floor cleaning services designed to enhance the aesthetics and cleanliness of your commercial space. Partner with Bock’s Steam Star for corporate carpet services and experience the difference that expert commercial floor care can make in your workplace.


Why High Performance Hot Water Extraction Matters?

The use of heat in the role of the removal and treatment of unwanted substances, including biological germs and viruses has been scientifically measured and demonstrated in studies sponsoredCarpet Wand by divisions of the United States EPA, Air Quality Sciences, Airmid Health Group, and others between 1991 and 2014. Measured reductions in biological contaminants can be clearly demonstrated in carpets, textiles, upholstery, and hard surface floors after the use of high performance truck-mounted cleaning equipment that can maintain temperature across the surfaces being cleaned of 160 degrees + F.

We have some of the largest truck-mounted units designed to reach farther up into the building in order to hold these temperatures while the operators draw water during the extraction. Hence the term hot water extraction commonly referred to as “Steam Cleaning”. Cheap portable units cannot achieve this or hold this temperature. This is a big advantage for Bock’s Steam Star. For security or access reasons we also have high performance portables that produce heat. We can reach any floor if need be for all surfaces we clean. Many janitorial companies will claim to have portable extractors but do they produce heat? Are they high performance extractors? Do they recycle the water? Are the operators trained and certified by the IICRC? Our training allows us to compensate in other areas of soil suspension to still achieve effective cleaning even with some reduction of heat with a portable unit.


Deep Cleaning for ALL your Hard Flooring. The Cure for Stinky Bathrooms & Other Unhealthy Hard Floors!



Studies show that hard floors can harbor bacterial contaminants and have tracked fecal matter and other unwanted substances that your mop or scrubber can’t remove. Getting your tile, terrazzo, polished concrete, or marble floor deep cleaned can help maintain a healthier environment and restore confidence.

Ceramic tile and terrazzo surfaces are just some of the additional hard floor surfaces that Bock’s Steam Star can help you maintain. Our commercial accounts want and expect a company that is proficient at all its flooring surfaces. At Bock’s Steam Star we are properly equipped, properly trained and have specialized employees to handle each of these surfaces on either a large or small scale. Whether you need a commercial face-lift or an on-going service contract you’ll want to consider Bock’s Steam Star. Put the power of an IICRC certified firm to work for you and see what a difference Bock’s Steam Star can make. High Performance Commercial Cleaning


Encapsulation Technology (ET) Can Take Your Business to a Whole Different Level:

Just another example of putting our customers first is the introduction of encapsulation cleaning. Encapsulation blends the better of two worlds; chemistry and physics. Encapsulation is a perfect choice for customers in high-traffic or large commercial settings with the need to clean their carpeted surfaces in an on-going manner. The results are nothing short of amazing and the costs are typically much lower than Hot Water Extraction.

How does encapsulation technology work? First we emulsify all the oil and physical contaminates within your carpeting, surround each molecule with an acrylic-polymer barrier that prevents it from reattaching itself to the fibers while drawing it to the surface using controlled evaporation. This immediately allows the carpet to return to its original orientation so that it looks its best, not just after cleaning, but between cleanings. Approved by all major carpet mills, encapsulation cleaning could be the perfect option for your commercial grade olefin, polyester or nylon surface. Give us a call if you would like to learn more about ET and you’ll be amazed to find out that you didn’t need to settle for the results you’ve been getting. There are better options.


HOS ORBOT Orbital Drive Technology:




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