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How often should upholstery be cleaned?

How often do you dust the end tables and coffee tables in your home? (Here in the Midwest dust bowl, this is needed all the time) The dust doesn’t just miss the sofa next to the table does it? What then happens there are atmospheric oils from the air, body oils from husbands kicking back …Continue Reading…

Disinfecting Sterilizing Sanitizing and Hot Water Extraction

 I was looking at this sign recently on our refrigerator at home. My wife had put a sign up about reminding us to wash our hands. I stopped and thought, you know, that’s really simple, but it does speak a lot of truth about the health of our indoor environment today. I am an IICRC …Continue Reading…

Does Dry cleaning upholstery really clean?

The short answer not really! There are 3 types of soil; water soluble, in-soluble and solvent soluble. Unfortunately true dry cleaning only works on one type, solvent soluble. Also, since it’s a nasty chlorinated dry solvent it’s not healthy to do in your  home or office. Sadly, still today many manufacturers don’t know we can …Continue Reading…

The Curious Case of the Carpet Moth

If you have never heard of a carpet moth, you are in luck – they have probably never invaded your home. They are tiny, incredibly destructive and hard to exterminate. They munch their way through wool carpets at impeccable speeds and render them bald. Their original habitat is outdoors, of course, where they live in …Continue Reading…

Commercial Carpet and Floor Cleaning in Kansas City

Aside from your home, keeping your office clean is very important for you, your clients and your employees. Clean carpets and floors ensure a comforting and cozy atmosphere. Maintaining clean carpet and tiles in your office can be a hassle. Thus, it is best to hire a professional commercial carpet and floor cleaning company. At …Continue Reading…

Cleaning for Cans – Harvesters Food Drive

At Bock’s Steam Star we understand that our community has needs, and we see the difficulties that those close to us are enduring in Kansas City as they struggle to provide and feed their families, not just during the holidays but throughout the year. No one should have to struggle alone, and we want to …Continue Reading…

Best Pet Stain Removal Guide

For many people, their pets are valued members of the family. Many of our clients tell us their pets are like children to them, a perspective we can personally appreciate! We all love our pets, but not necessarily the spots and stains they leave behind (everywhere they go), especially stains like urine or feces, gross, …Continue Reading…

The Truth About Viscose Rayon Area Rugs

Viscose Rayon is a man-made fiber made from many different materials, has a silk like sheen and has earned the name artificial silk or art silk. Rayon is a very versatile product. It can look like silk, wool, cotton, or linen and it blends well with other fibers. That is why it is known as …Continue Reading…

Carpet patches and repair is there a difference?

This was a bad seam job after water had gotten in their basement. They customer hired somebody from a Groupon add to install new pad and replace carpet. As you can see in the edge picture fibers were pushed down into the glue with a jagged cut. Once the sides of the seam were cleaned …Continue Reading…

Dirty Grout? Clean It Out!

It was around May of 2016, my husband and I decided to purchase our dream home! You see this is our first historic home a: 100-year-old farm house, it’s old, charming, and full of history. We choose this home for its modern farmhouse exterior & interior feel and because there is nothing prettier than a …Continue Reading…

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