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Healthy Home Debate: Hard floors or carpets?

It’s a big debate. Are hard floors or carpets better for a healthy home? Let’s explore. According to the EPA: Indoor air pollution is ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health. This is important as most people spend 90% of their time indoors. Children are most at risk. The question becomes, “How can I …Continue Reading…

What are those ugly black lines around my baseboards?

Those ugly black lines around your baseboards are really soil filtration lines.  They are dark soiled areas that develop gradually on carpet. They are most common around the edges of a room next to the wall, under floor length draperies and under doors. But they can develop anywhere there is an air space such as …Continue Reading…

Why does pet odor smell worse in the spring and summer?

As urine begins to dry it changes its hydrogen content and forms crystalline salts, which take on an alkaline pH. When dried urine is remoistened it gives off an ammonia gas. This is one way to identify a problem area, by the odor. If smelled once it is seldom forgotten. The source of odors associated …Continue Reading…

Catch a wave: Find out why carpets buckle and ripple

Catch a wave: Discover why carpet buckles and ripples? Please queue the Beach Boy’s song; “Catch a wave while you’re sitting on top of the world.” However, carpet that looks like a wave pool running through your living room is a real downer. So why does this occur? The short answer is the carpet has …Continue Reading…

Bock’s Steam Star

Bock’s Steam Star is excited to publish all of our blogs from our website directly to Facebook and Twitter.  Thanks for being a continued follower of Bock’s Steam Star.  We hope you learn more about our services, our company and how we can help you with all of your carpet cleaning needs.

October special from Bock’s Steam Star in Kansas City!

We have two fabulous October Special Offers at Bock’s Steam Star!  Our first special offer is: have your carpets cleaned by Bock’s Steam Star this month and receive 15% off carpet stretching!  It’s easy for us to stretch your carpet when we’re already at your house cleaning it!  Our second special offer is: receive a …Continue Reading…

Does your home in Overland Park smell a little like your pets?

Does your home in Overland Park smell a little too much like your pets?  This is a common concern we hear from a lot of our customers.  Our response is, “No Problem!”  Bock’s Steam Star has years of experience in deodorizing homes, in particular, removing pet odors from carpets.  We all love our little furry …Continue Reading…

It’s time for fall cleaning in Overland Park!

t’s time for fall cleaning in Overland Park!  Here at Bock’s Steam Star, we are hearing from customers that it’s that time of year for us to come clean their carpets!  Bock’s Steam Star is especially busy in spring and autumn so call today to book your appointment!  We can do any types of fall …Continue Reading…

Oriental rug cleaning is recommended every 1-3 years

Oriental rug cleaning is recommended every 1-3 years depending on the amount of traffic.  Did you know this?  Many times, we see customers who leave rugs in rooms for years, for them to get walked on, dirt absorbed into them, and spills hidden in their intricate patterns.  Often, customers don’t realize that we can take …Continue Reading…

October is Carpet Repair Month at Bock’s Steam Star! Does your carpet need repairing?

October is Carpet Repair Month at Bock’s Steam Star!  Does your carpet need repairing?  We were in a friend’s retail shop this weekend, and noticed how badly her carpet needed repairing!  There were ridges and waves all over it, which could potentially be a liability if a customer ever tripped on the carpet.  We recommended …Continue Reading…

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